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The products "with honey" come from the Hamadi family, with tradition in beekeeping. Its history starts from a long time ago, somewhere in mountainous Evritania, in the area of Karageorgaiika. There, in tree trunks and in shells, the ancestors kept beehives, alongside livestock farming. Livelihood was a difficult business. After the war and urbanization, the villages were deserted and the way of life changed. Beekeeping, however, did not stop nourishing them, but, now for a second occupation. The rich knowledge, the love for nature and the bee, mixed with myths and legends, passes to future generations in the beginning like a fairy tale. The children of the family grow up watching the queen of the hive tell her bees to go out and collect the sweet juice of the flowers, to give it to the people. So he arrived nowadays, rolled sweets and entered the hearts of the new generation, who decided to continue the journey.

The old with the new, the traditional with the modern, the experience with science, all of them, are tight links of the same chain, in the beekeeping of the Hamadi family. Together they work and produce honey and honey products. A key feature is love and passion. The methods used for production are based on good practices for bee and nature. Even the materials that are made and painted the hives are friendly to the environment and to the bee. All the actions taken during the beekeeping period, the family takes care to have the minimum environmental footprint, as respect for the nature that takes care of us, is the cornerstone of its philosophy.




He is the sales manager of the company with studies in Project Management. Continuing the tradition of the family (4th generation) Nikos is a professional beekeeper and brought optimism, vision and new air. Growing up he showed early on an insistence on the art of beekeeping. He doesn't hesitate to dare and experiment. He deals for hours and hours over the hives with any weather and he is interested in his girls, his bees, that is, to be strong and have a good time. He has attended the seminars for young beekeepers that took place at the Averofio Agricultural School, as well as various other seminars that take place in Larissa and aim at beekeeping. His dream is to participate in exhibitions abroad and to get to know Greek honey to the general public.



Senior Product and Systems Design Engineer of the University of the Aegean is the youngest member of our team. So far he is curating the appearance of our final products and the organization of our company. When he is not near us, he searches and finds in Syros beehives and deals so as not to feel the lack. It introduces innovation and imagination into business. It designs cell monitoring machines and is interested in scientific research related to cell monitoring data analysis.



He was born and resides in Larissa. Electronic, former P.A. officer. From an early age he was involved in patents to make his life better, so he still goes on. It gives solutions where others have stopped. Deep knowledge of the weather and mountains. He has attended beekeeping seminars, as well as seminars on the production of queens and royal pulp. One of the key players of this ambitious dream that brought us closer to nature and gave our friends the wonderful bee products "With Honey". He has been involved in beekeeping since 2012.



Graduate in Physical Education & Sport from the University of Athens and The Business Administration of Larissa. First contact with the beehives was in childhood, she is a third generation beekeeper, faithfully following the tradition of her father and grandfather. He loves nature and animals. Her dream to transmit this love to as many as she can and prove that the return to our primordial roots passes through nature and it is she who will put the human species back where it belongs.



I don't think you're going to write about me, so I took a picture myself. I'm Leila or Luluka. I like nature, running in the meadows, in the mountains, barking and accompanying the family on their long journeys. My great love is Nikos, I go wherever he goes and I can't do it without him.