Ways Of Payment


Through this payment method, you must pay the corresponding value of the goods in your order upon receipt by the cooperating courier company. The deposit is valid only for shipments of products within Greece.

Deposit to a bank account

The online store www.sportlook.gr cooperates with NATIONAL BANK for the payment service via bank deposit. Pay your order by bank deposit to the following accounts:

  • NATIONAL – IBAN: GRxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx XXX

Beneficiary name: xx xxxx

In case you decide to pay by depositing money into our bank account you must follow the corresponding option in filling out your order and then deposit the exact amount in the following account. Also to speed up the shipment of your order be sure to send the deposit receipt by e-mail to orders@sportlook.gr.

Caution: Deposit of an amount from any other bank shall be borne entirely by the buyer with the costs of transferring an amount from his own Bank to our NATIONAL Bank Account shown above. In these cases the buyer must choose his full charge with the expenses of both his own bank and any other expenses incurred in excess of the amount of the purchase as shown in his order. Accordingly, in a refund to any other bank, the buyer shall bear all the costs of the interbank transaction. In similar cases where the above term is not understood and to avoid charges please contact our company before proceeding to any disbursement of the purchase amount.